We help businesses across the world navigate significant moments of change

Since 2010, Else has helped Innovators, catalysts, and leaders create new innovative products and services, and improve the fortunes of their organisation.

The people we work with are either causing disruption or responding to it, usually acting on a sixth sense for an opportunity or threat.

We work to explore those opportunities, bring them to life and create the cultural alignment that ensures their success.

A support system for change

New proposition creation

We help clients identify new CX opportunities, and develop new strategies, to create innovative products and services.

Design leadership and product strategy

From product strategy to customer-facing launch, we bring design leadership, core UX and interaction skills to experiences that create lasting business and customer value.

Experience optimisation

We work alongside our clients to help improve product performance — setting up better design practices, tools, workflows and systems.

Building the case for change

The innovation sprint

The emergence of a new technology, a shift in consumer behaviour or some other competitor event can signal that your business has an opportunity to explore. Our innovation sprint helps teams clarify high-value opportunities and what it might take to deliver them.


Get started

The Primer is an entry point to Else’s experience design services, finely tuned for change agents, and their teams, to work out their pitch. It’s of high value, with minimal investment. A week-long strategic sprint that moves you from the point of sensing an opportunity to arriving at complete clarity on what the opportunity is. It culminates in creating a case for change.

Your case for change:

  • The potential value creation for customer and business
  • The opportunity outlined
  • A recommended pathway forward
  • What delivery might take
  • A three-option proposal

Approaches to product and service innovation

Innovation pathways

We have three approaches to product and service innovation, depending on your start point and what you’re looking to achieve. In all cases, they deliver what we call effective innovation — the right solution and shared belief in what’s possible.

For businesses looking to launch a new product or service, and to quickly define how it attracts an audience, engages them and evolves their experience over time.

This strategic approach to innovation has been designed to relate customer experience to the future value for your business and to outline practical steps to getting there.

For organisations who want to explore opportunities to reimagine their current offer. For when businesses don’t have a specific service in mind but want to probe the future.

Product/service ideas that drive a shift in customer behaviour are generated against 3 time horizons – things we can do NOW (inside 6 months), things we can do SOON (6–12 months), and things we should do LATER (18+ months)

For organisations who want to understand where the opportunities are to elevate their current product/service experience, and find new ways to create value from their digital estate.

This is an incremental approach to innovation with the aim of improving a current product or service that is already in market.

Based on a lot of the work Else did, 2.5 million farmers became WeFarm members, with $1m in sales through the marketplace every week.

Kenny Ewan, CEO & Founder, WeFarm     

Effective innovation at work

Helping to double online revenue

A website and booking engine redesign achieved huge gains since the last normal cruise year

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