Advanced thinking

Our R&D programme enables us the space to explore new trends, technologies, and practices with the intention of creating thought-provoking concepts and future business ideas.

A third space

R&D provides the freedom to be driven by passion and interest, and the time to develop new skills. We use it to stay ahead, to advance our thinking and bring that back to our client space, or develop partnerships for launching new products and services.

Three tracks of R&D

1. Research

Over a quarter we look at unpacking a big theme, such as Digital Identity or a problem area such as Digital Legacy.

These early-stage investigative projects are used to up-skill and develop specialist knowledge.

2. Concept

Over 2 quarters we make tangible a concept area that could either be solving an issue today or picking up on a broader problem area that needs solving.

At this stage they are developed as a proposition, showing how we apply our expertise to solve a clear need and create interest.

3. Product

The product track is intended to develop commercialised products that can be launched and tested in pilot phases.

These are developed over each quarter to seek funding to progress to market launch. We look to develop one or two of these per year.

Some of our recent projects


Instinctively aims to tackle the loss of autonomy experienced by people living with dementia due to cognitive decline, by guiding people through daily tasks and embedding routines to memory. The system is designed to be discreet and adapt to each user’s environment.


Sway is a concept that uses behavioural science techniques to encourage people to reduce their burden on planet Earth. Our aim is to make climate change tangible through actions that can be easily committed to and measured.

AI and the future of education

Through this R&D project, we take a look at how AI has the potential to radically change the landscape of education. From drivers and catalysts of change, to hyper-personalised curriculums, real-time holistic evaluations, and A.I teaching assistants – let’s step into the classroom of 2049.

Concorder - a fair share of music for everyone

Concorder is a product aimed at enabling everyone to get a fair share of their own favourite music in shared spaces. A modern-day jukebox that aims to democratise the play queues of offices, restaurants, and other shared spaces that stream music. Concorder knows when a person is in that shared space and add songs they like to a queue.

Inspiration through R&D

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