AI May make you worse at decision-making

The perils for businesses entering the age of AI-powered insight.

AI can fix a broken education system

Where, how and what our children learn is set to change beyond recognition.

Releasing Norton Genie

An AI-powered scam detector from design to launch in under 8 weeks.

Preparing for impact

Change can be uncomfortable. We help clients tolerate discomfort while
considering the future, to maximise opportunities.

How good change starts

Advanced thinking

Through our R&D programme, we’re exploring how AI might impact everything from education to volunteering and design systems.

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Effective AI innovation

Else is already the strategic design partner on a number of AI-powered innovation projects. In June, our first product launched to market. with others soon to follow.

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Anyone can look smart by holding forth about what might happen in a year or ten. But the kudos belongs to people rolling up their sleeves and making something useful right now

Matt Watkinson, author of ‘Mastering Uncertainty’

What can you make right now?

In this guided session we’ll help you make sense of what AI really means for your industry as a whole and your business specifically.
You’ll explore the opportunities it presents, gain a better understanding of any risks and considerations, and leave with the confidence to advance to innovate with this new tool.

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Effective AI innovation


Opening a path to success for disadvantaged students

Through this multi-faceted approach, blending educational growth with personal development, this service represents a new, more hollistic approach to learning and development.

Change starts with a conversation

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