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Scams are becoming more sophisticated and harder to spot. According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) consumers reported losing almost $8.8 billion to scams and fraud in 2022.

In response, Norton, a consumer Cyber Safety brand of Gen™, has created Norton Genie – a real-time AI-powered scam detector to check if texts, emails, websites and social media posts are legitimate.

In 14 weeks since launch...

100K+ scam submissions

Over 60K app installs

3 months from concept to first release

It takes a team to raise a Genie

Within a multidisciplinary team – alongside Norton security experts, developers, brand leaders and digital teams – our role was to define, design and deliver the user experience, and support the establishment of the Norton Genie brand identity through UI, logo design and tone of voice development. 

Working on such a significant project with a compressed timeline, and with the Senior Leadership Team paying close attention, the stakes were high.

The craft in the user experience focused on doing justice to the AI-powered magic it was capable of – creating delight with an animated orb in the scanning moment – while keeping the product super simple to use with frictionless access on iOS and web.

There are very few apps that focus on scams and phishing the way Norton Genie does…Norton Genie is both free and effective, it’s the better choice.

PC Magazine noted in their 28 July review

Detecting patterns in behaviour to predict scams

For Genie’s central interaction – representing the smarts of the service – we designed an animated orb. This asset becomes an ownable interaction – a compelling focal point for the experience, new brand and business intention – building a strong correlation between Norton Genie and its central function of detecting scams and advising on next steps.

Genie functions on an always-learning model, making user feedback crucial for continuous model improvement. An innovative backend mechanism takes input on the front end to help train the model, improving precision and recall all the time.

AI also enables conversation with Genie. You can ask Genie questions about scams, and it can provide answers that draw on vast quantities of data and are refined as it learns which are most effective.

Free and continually improving

Genie is still in its early release phase and its ability to have more expansive conversations will continue to grow; it already has a remarkable ability to add value to consumers with every interaction. As more people engage with Genie, it will become more and more powerful in the fight against those scammers trying to steal from us online.

By bringing together best-in-class scam intel from Norton with advanced AI, we can empower people to take full advantage of the digital world safely, privately and confidently.

Ondrej Vlcek, President at Gen

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