Proving the case for
AI-powered logistics


We partnered with supply chain platform specialist 7bridges to land investment for an AI-powered tool. It gives any size business a bird’s eye view of its supply chain.

The investment catalyst

6 week rapid prototyping project

Helped secure $17M of funding

Today, the company reports 3X ROI for clients within 12 months of signing

Revealing potential

In eight weeks, Else produced a functioning dashboard from scratch. The coded prototype would demonstrate how 7bridges SaaS drives pivotal efficiency – putting world-class logistics in the hands of any supply chain manager.

Else defined the product and supported the investment pathway, with 7bridges securing funding that transformed growth and success. Today, the company reports 3X ROI for clients within 12 months of signing.

Bringing AI power to life

We weren’t just building functionality – Else injected product identity as well as integrating features. Making the tool feel like a real partner to a supply chain manager or head of logistics was at the heart of the design.

Persona work and analysis created user journeys with clarity. The product would need to handle daily, market and global complexity for supply chain managers and be customisable.


A single-view, right-time, right-data dashboard for logistics managers would make efficiencies at scale possible in one unified platform for the first time, solving a market gap.

Our knowledge of the investment cycle meant Else hit the ground running to meet investor needs. And with a commercial model for startups that defines true partnership, we gave 7bridges high-grade design support that helped them secure $17M of funding.

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