Connecting 2.5m farmers
without the internet


Small-scale farmers supply 80% of the world’s food and commodities. Social entrepreneur Kenny Ewan had an ambitious idea – to network farmers without relying on internet. Together, we designed and launched WeFarm. 

Impact stats for WeFarm today

WeFarm generates $1M in weekly revenue

It has over 2.5M farmer members

And answers 15M questions per week

An inventive SMS solution

Less than 10% of the 525 million small-scale farmers in developing countries had internet access in 2013. But 90% could access SMS. 

WeFarm harnessed an inventive SMS solution and responsive web application. It provided mobile trade and agricultural information from peers to maximise farmer income.

Based on a lot of the work Else did, 2.5 million farmers became WeFarm members, with $1m in sales through the marketplace every week.

Kenny Ewan, CEO & Founder, WeFarm

A powerful shift in knowledge

At the heart of the service was a unique translation system powered by a bilingual micro-volunteer group.

From a central web hub, the WeFarm team could push out tips to registered devices based on FAQs and actionable ideas.


  • 100,000 farmers reached in less than 18 months
  • WeFarm became the world’s largest network for small-scale farmers 
  • WeFarm answered the questions of more than 50 million people

Making big ideas succeed can mean engineering the simplest solution.

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