The importance of Ownable Moments™ in an AI-driven future

In the not-so-distant future, customer experience (CX) will (likely) be dominated by automation. Where every interaction, from customer service to marketing, is handled by sophisticated AI systems. These systems predict your needs, answer your queries, and even make purchasing decisions on your behalf. 

While efficiency and convenience are at an all-time high, something essential is lost in this overly automated environment: the human touch

In this future of pervasive automation, brands risk becoming indistinguishable from one another, their unique voices drowned in the uniformity of machine-generated interactions. 

The need for what we call at Else, Ownable Moments™  in the customer experience becomes more critical than ever for brands striving to differentiate themselves through their customer experience. 


“The human mind is not a statistical machine like ChatGPT and its ilk, greedy for hundreds of terabytes of data in order to arrive at the most plausible answer to a conversation or the most likely answer to a scientific question.

On the contrary… the human mind is a surprisingly efficient and elegant system that works with a finite amount of information.”


Noam Chomsky, Professor Emeritus in the Department of Linguistics and Philosophy at MIT in the New York Times – March 8, 2023

The dangers of over-automation

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AI’s capabilities are expanding rapidly, enabling it to perform a wide array of tasks, from customer support to content creation. However, this relentless march towards automation means customer interactions become homogenised. The unique emotional connections and personal touches that once defined brand loyalty start to fade. 

Strategies for differentiation in CX

  1. Personalisation beyond data

    While AI excels at personalisation through data analysis, we must go beyond algorithm-driven customisation to incorporate genuine human understanding. Although AI can streamline processes, it can’t replicate the nuances of human interaction. Yet. But by investing in human-centric design, we can ensure that every touchpoint feels warm and personal. This involves designing intuitive interfaces that cater to human needs and creating content that speaks to the heart and mind.

  2. Authentic brand voice

    In a world where AI-generated content is ubiquitous, maintaining an authentic brand voice becomes crucial. A brand’s personality should shine through in every interaction, whether automated or not. This involves developing a clear and consistent tone of voice that reflects your brand’s values and resonates with your audience. AI tools should enhance, not replace, the human elements of your communication.

  3. AI and human collaboration

    The real breakthrough in the AI era lies in the synergy between AI and humans, creating new forms of interaction that neither could achieve alone. By leveraging the strengths of both, customer experiences can be efficient and intelligent but also deeply personal and empathetic. This collaboration can lead to innovations in customer experience that redefine engagement, making each interaction feel unique and tailored.

Ownable Moments™

The overarching principle in this AI-driven future is the preservation of the human element in customer interactions. As AI handles more routine tasks, finding the moments to deliver human creativity and empathy becomes the differentiator. 

Defining Ownable Moments™ in the customer experience is part of the Else methodology. Intended to define the points of the service that can deliver true differentiation to keep customers coming back and in time deepen their engagement.  

Creating Ownable Moments™ that resonate personally will differentiate brands and build meaningful customer connections. The opportunity lies in using AI to enhance human creativity and empathy, making interactions both intelligent and heartfelt.

As Steve Carroll succinctly put it,

 “The world moves forward and never backwards. History doesn’t care. People thought Kraftwerk was the end of an art form too.”

Else Innovation Pathways

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Else works alongside businesses causing disruption or responding to it – those who spot opportunities for growth, are driven to get ahead of emerging technology and continuously seek results for their business.

Depending on what you’re looking to achieve and when, we design the right solution, within a horizon that’s feasible, supported by a shared belief in its business value.

We call this effective innovation.

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