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Working with Good.Choice to launch a new way to find the truth in what’s on offer.

Good.Choice is a pilot AI-driven comparison engine, built to scan T&C’s and provide people with well-informed decisions. The startup is putting a powerful new decision-making tool into consumers’ hands and is already seeing positive signs of disruption in the online gaming industry. Else has helped shape the strategy and design the product for launch.

Good.Choice is an AI product that focuses on providing reliable and accurate results, with integrity and trust being central to the brand. It cleans the data and guarantees the accuracy of its results, which is particularly important in a context where users are the product.

When best is hard to find

The way we search and find offers online can be overwhelming and it is hard to decipher the truth behind what’s being offered. Comparison websites have endless lists of possible options, making comparing and finding the ‘best’ offer difficult. It’s down to the individual to sift through countless choices, forum reviews and ratings to determine the best deal for them.

Often gaming offers hold people in without payment or have hidden T&Cs that obfuscate the terms of an offer. Users have no way to read and review the fine print behind all the offers they’re considering.

This process is not only time-consuming but also frustrating. It makes comparing and seeing what’s a good choice often practically impossible.

The truth behind the offer

Working closely with the Good.Choice founders, Else has helped define an experience that differentiates them in the sea of comparison engines on the market today.
The service ingests the offers available and then leverages AI to read and analyse the fine print behind the offers — providing users with clear, trustworthy recommendations.
This innovative approach not only saves time but also enhances user trust and transparency in a comparison marketplace that’s played to the advantage of the house.

How it works

Good.Choice begins with a customisable prompt where users specify their needs. The Good.Choice AI then sifts through available offers and the T&Cs behind the offers, highlighting the answer and justifying its selection.

Unlike typical comparison websites, Good.Choice excels by meticulously reviewing the T&Cs, ensuring only the most transparent and complete offers make the cut. This AI-driven experience eliminates the tedious legwork for users and exemplifies how AI can guide and simplify user decisions by providing clear, justified answers.

Good.Choice streamlines the customer journey by removing the need to consult forums, ratings, and reviews. Not only does Good.Choice enhance the user experience and shortcut the journey, it also enforces new levels of legal and data compliance, benefiting both users and regulators.

Good Choice was designed specifically to feel trustworthy wherever you might find it. Their banners have an average 5% click-through on Google. The average is 0.01%. It’s easy to use and simple to understand with a clear and actionable result. It serves to show what you asked for – a surprisingly rare commodity these days.

Pilot results

Over 90% of users search for offers

Over 60% redeem them

Top recommended offers being chosen 90% of the time

Multi-sector Good.Choice

With proven success in the online gaming sector, Good.Choice is poised to expand into other sectors where it’s hard to weed out the good from the bad.

As a standard, it has the potential to transform the comparison marketplace by making it more accountable and transparent. The novel use of AI has also helped them identify new partners and opportunities, with regulators being increasingly interested in the service.

Else is working with Good.Choice to envision the next chapter. From identifying other category applications to envisioning how Good.Choice could become a more seamless companion service that’s always there to help its users make good choices.

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