Stepping into the unknown

Six design principles for creating immersive
interfaces in the metaverse

A starting point for designers wanting to form experiences for the new digital age.

Clarity and
readability should
be at the forefront

When data is displayed in a way that is either not accessible or ill-considered, it can create a poor user experience that people do not want to engage with.
Keep UI styles consistent, simplify interaction patterns and consider changing backdrops to support user’s vision.

Data should feel empowering and
not a distraction

Too much data on a page is often overwhelming to users and becomes a distraction rather than a point of focus.
The real time data layer should only contain visualisations of the data that are necessary to help them meet their needs. Theme styling should be kept to a minimum. Pop-ups should be limited to show essential information only, and ideally based on established preferences.

Control should be in the hands of the user

With so much available data, what information users are shown should be driven by them. Consider ways to expand information, such as the use of icons, if the user wants to access it.

Redefine ways
to layer information

As we move into a new era of innovation, we need to find new ways to layer information suitable to an immersive environment. Therefore the hierarchy of information and how it appears to users will need to shift too. As an example, consider smart placement of HUD elements within users vision and the placement of secondary information in users peripheral vision.

Keep the user informed and updated

Always start with introducing users to their environment to create a familiar starting point in which to receive information. The data displayed needs to keep the user informed, updated and adapted according to their specific and changing needs.

Push boundaries

Pioneering design comes when the boundaries are pushed. It’s important to keep exploring the new medium. Challenge existing ways of thinking; challenge your own thinking, and most importantly — keep having fun!

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