Living better with Dementia

A digital service to promote procedural memory


Just under 1M  people in the UK are living with dementia. 1 in 2 people will be affected in their lifetime by this life-altering disease.

Our progress so far..

Alzheimer's Society Innovation Fund Accelerator Winner

2x Rounds of product validation

2 gold & 1 bronze BIMA awards

For people living with dementia, this means letting go of their independence and entering a world that is confusing, frustrating and in some respects humiliating. For their loved ones this is an unforeseen burden they now carry with little support or reassurance.

Instinctively focuses both on the person living with dementia and their primary carer, creating a solution which is mutually beneficial to make living with dementia an easier-to-manage experience.

Personal, adaptable, life-changing

Instinctively addresses the loss of autonomy faced by individuals with dementia and the significant burden on their carers. Our product supports daily living by embedding routines into memory, using discreet, adaptive technology that integrates location-based recognition and personalised sensory cues. This system not only facilitates habit formation for those with dementia through wearable devices that provide timely and contextual prompts but also enables carers to collaboratively customise these routines to the individual’s preferences. By making daily tasks more manageable, it aims to reduce confusion and enhance independence.

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