Skin health as a
service from Nivea

Else defined a service ecosystem as an opportunity to connect Beiersdorf’s iconic brand with customer needs, new and existing.
50 ideas to build future relationships

Designing 50 service ideas

Else developed six audience personas for Beiersdorf’s iconic brand. They were the basis for 50 experience ideas to prompt a new love of and loyalty for Beiersdorf’s key brand. 

How? By enabling consumers to have a nurturing relationship with their skin daily and engage in holistic skin health. The sprint revealed what a service-led strategy would make possible.

Else makes it possible to imagine your way out of the situation you’re in.

Former CXO at Nivea

Behaviour shift at any age

The #1 experience principle was ‘Get closer to your skin’. For each demographic, the offer was designed to feel genuinely personal: deep research revealed needs Nivea could answer in meaningful ways.    

For Gen Z ‘Grace’, battling acne for the first time, a cleansing app delivers ongoing educational support to manage her condition. It’s the centre of a virtuous circle Nivea creates with knowledge, habit nudges and rising personal expertise. 

Or imagine a multigenerational household with diverse skincare interests – a Nivea subscription offers value, or a refill programme improves sustainable and consistent shopping. Both create a path to great skin for the family year-round. 

Relationships that last

A service-led ecosystem demonstrates future value for brands and consumers alike: it amplifies the physical and emotional utility of a range trusted since 1911. 

Crucially, it gives Nivea the potential to increase direct consumer relationships and brand interactions that broaden product use.


Identified new business opportunities for Nivea

A future strategy became tangible for stakeholders

Nivea gained insight into services that shift behaviour

Change starts with a conversation

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