3 horizons: Now, Next and Future

Becoming a reason to join and a reason never to leave

Working with VMO2 to incrementally improve Priority whilst imagining new ways to drive deeper customer relationships.


Over the last 4 years, Else has worked hand-in-hand with the O2 Priority teams to continually evolve their world-renowned customer loyalty proposition.

Our role is to drive product strategy, audience understanding and create new opportunities for O2 partnerships. Our goal is to create a Priority experience that becomes a reason to join O2, and a reason never to leave.



The jewel in O2's crown

Since launching in 2011 as Priority Moments, it has set the bar for loyalty products in the telecommunications sector and is admired more generally as a market-leading consumer loyalty proposition. For the last four years, we have been the experience design partner to O2 (now VMO2) on Priority, our role has been to uncover new opportunities, define new strategies and iterate the product to maintain its place ahead of the competition.

Improved ways of working

A big part of our team’s work has been to improve the ways of working across the product team, including instigating the first hackathon where we delivered an 18% increase in engagement against a goal of 5%. This led the way to further outcomes-based roadmap work.

Early on, we established a design system that could speed up the design-to-development handover process, as well as consolidate the experience across web, Android and iOS.



Building resilience and lasting relationships

A lot has changed in the last four years on Priority including a merger between O2 and Virgin Media. This created VMO2, bringing more opportunities for Priority to forge a stronger customer relationship across the whole business. We’ve worked on strategic projects to uncover new opportunities including an app strategy and how Priority might scale its base in a sustainable way.

Delivering across 3 horizons

Creating a vision of loyalty to future-proof the customer relationship

Developing a customer-focused app strategy for VMO2

Driving product strategy and audience understanding

Change starts with a conversation

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