The sustained
engagement challenge


A six-week strategy sprint for Bupa

The way the world engages with health and wellness is changing rapidly, particularly at work. While life expectancy is increasing, so are the years spent in bad health.

Now more than ever, embracing and sustaining a healthy lifestyle over time is key for both individuals and organisations.

Else worked with Bupa’s Chief Medical Officer network, to help some of the UK’s largest companies promote a healthier workforce by creating an app that helped employees embrace healthier habits and maintain them over time.

The Chief medical Officer Network (CMON) Challenge

The CMON Challenge helped employees embrace healthier habits across smoking cessation, nutrition, movement and mental wellbeing. The goal of the app was to keep users on track, by offering outcome-orientated challenges that go beyond the data itself. There is no shortage of health-tracking apps on the market. But most of these focus on the collection of data and not its interpretation and outcome.

We applied the MINDSPACE theory for behavioural change to create the environment and the conditions within the experience for employees to engage in healthier habits. The aim was to change the context in which choices are made and be proactive in nudging new behaviours.

rather than look at each pillar in isolation, we designed the experience around a set of outcomes to deliver increased awareness, sustained engagement and tangible change.


Not just another fitness app

Focus on actionable outcomes over data collection

Behavioural science at its core

6 week innovation sprint that green-lit a market launch

A passport to better health

The concept succeeded in recognising individual needs with a service that felt bespoke. This approach would help market better sustainable habits to a ‘segment of one’. And for Bupa, the strategy demonstrated an opportunity for workplace clients.

The friendly-feel solution sported no sign-up and the potential to become a ‘health passport’ as people move jobs. With the user firmly in control of data privacy, the idea promotes long-term app use to sustain wellbeing as life unfolds.

We had a very pleasant relationship with Else. The creativity they brought into the project was remarkable.

Stephanie Gordon, Customer Experience Manager, BUPA

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