An ELSEr story

Stewart Greenway – Senior Experience Architect

How would you describe your career path to arriving at ELSE?

Pretty linear. Ish.

I freelanced for the years following my MA, focusing on visual design, but fostering an interest in digital and online, including developing marketable web development skills.

I’m what some might describe as ‘T-shaped’.

I first went agency as part of a new London office of a regionally large Scandinavian agency, being a happy generalist. Throughout my time there, my interests and skills grew to incorporate UX, which later became more of a focus, and later still I starting nudging towards more strategic contributions, often leading the creative/art direction and experience design strategy on projects — though I rarely worked directly on visual design by the end.

I left after 10 years and multiple buy-outs, having helped the company grow from a team of two to part of one of the largest digital agencies around, with over 100 in the London office alone.

I joined ELSE for the opportunity to continue to exercise and develop the full range of my interests and abilities, as well as to be a contributing voice helping to shape how a company grows.

Can you share with us any of your failures? And what you learned from them?

While not a failure directly, calibrating, shaping, and directing my ‘energy’ was a process — and still is. Helping others see opportunities with the same enthusiasm as I have is a skill I’m always looking to develop further. 

What does success look like to you?

Leaving a positive and meaningful mark on the world.

Why did you want to work at ELSE?

The opportunity to work with a tighter team again — something that had been lost as the last place had grown over the years. Having a direct connection with everyone else in the endeavour appeals to me.

What have you discovered about ELSE and about yourself while being here?

When the team is smaller, tighter, you’re much more connected with every personality in the team. I’ve enjoyed developing an appreciation for each person and their personality. Hopefully, others feel the same about engaging with me.

It’s also good when no-one’s ‘phoning it in’. The team is engaged and ready to push for great outcomes, for client accounts and projects, but also, equally importantly in my opinion, for the best outcomes in how ELSE itself grows, develops and evolves.

What goals do you have?

My personal and professional to-do list is as long as my reading list (don’t ask). Current areas of focus include developing my own ability to help clients frame their goals in terms of business goals and outcomes.

Data analysis is another one. It’s increasingly important, not only in terms of defining and creating outcomes, but also in terms of how we engage with the world and the narratives swirling around us.

Do you have a passion or interest you want to tell us about?

I make music, more dedicated hobbyist than anything more serious. I also still say that I paint, though I haven’t for a while — though I will again.

My interest in music, like my interest in different aspects of design and digital, is quite broad. Consequently, I create and release music of different styles under different monikers.

It’s currently created digitally, but I harbour aspirations of having one of my musical guises rebuilt as a small, live contemporary jazz unit.

What do you offer clients that’s a bit different?

I like to think that I have something of a talent for identifying unrecognised connections and subsequently, value opportunities — that might then be used to expand on and bring additional value to the client’s original objectives. Maybe an ability to come at something from an unexpected angle.

I’m energetic about representing opportunities and working with clients to identify and explore untapped value.

If you wrote a novel, what would it be about?

Probably a story of a journey, with thinly veiled allegory. I’ve worn many hats over the years, both professional and personal terms. Something about a journey towards wisdom, maybe never revealing if the protagonist ever really arrives.

What’s your personal brand?

‘Lean in’. Ever-curious and enthusiastic, sometimes pushy (though always well-intended). Playful.

How would you like to be remembered?

As someone who did, in fact, leave a positive and meaningful mark on the world.

Would you like to work with people like Stew?

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