ELSE turns 10+1

Last year, in the midst of lockdown, ELSE hit the 10 year mark. With everything that happened in the world, we’re only now taking a minute to celebrate.

Looking back at the work we’ve done, we feel enormous pride. And looking around us, we see a brilliant, committed team doing meaningful work and building lasting relationships with our clients. So, we’re going to allow ourselves a minute to feel good about that and reflect on everything we’ve achieved.

ELSE was created to be a great place to work, but also a place to create impact for our clients. It’s natural that we have a close knit team, but in pursuit of effective design, that counts for little if you don’t have close working relationships with clients too. As such, in taking a retrospective at our first 10 years, we thought we’d reach back and ask some of our closest clients, to reflect on what it meant to work together

Greater than the sum of our parts

There’s something powerful that develops among people who enjoy working together over a sustained period. Our genuine love of working together — helping each other make the most of our individual talents — is fundamental to what’s special about what we offer our clients.

And we’re always excited to bring in new talent. Since the beginning, we’ve prioritised and been involved in education. We have longstanding relationships with Northumbria Imperial, and now with Cambridge too. Our leadership team are also actively mentoring in the design community, helping new talent find their path in the industry.

We’re creating a design company people love to work for and work with. So, our plan is to keep going, keep improving and keep doing things for the right reasons — Warren Hutchinson, Founder