ELSE welcomes you to Geneva

The local guide to an international city 

We’re very excited to see an all-new and more tailored Geneve.com go live. It’s a project we’ve loved working on for a city we’ve loved visiting.  

For a long time, Geneve.com has helped visitors from around the world understand what the city offers and to book excursions, hotels and restaurants. But they wanted to go above and beyond other tourism sites — to do more to open the door to their city through local experts and unique insights.  

ELSE worked with the marketing and content teams to learn about their audiences – from older couples to weekend adventurers — and focused on shifting their experience from one of promotion to one that invites people to discover the unique aspects of the city and its surroundings in a far more inspiring way. 

Visitors can use the ‘Trip Path’ feature to build their own collections of interests. The site can then work harder for them and guide them to things they might want to consider for their trip.  

Data taken since the launch of the new portal is very promising: the bounce rate is down 48%, the number of pages engaged with per session is up 94%, and the average session duration has more than doubled.  

The site is a cornerstone of our program and Else really understood the shift we wanted to make — by creating this local guide which accompanies tourists visiting Geneva in an authentic and personal way. We are very pleased with the early results 

Céline Briod, Digital Director of Geneve.com

We wanted to redesign the site to reflect a greater sense of discovery and help Geneve deliver an experience that reflected becoming the Local Guide. The site design allows Geneve.com to grow capability and offer a far greater and more personalised experience for a more diverse set of travellers. 

Dave Dunlop, Chief Design Officer

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