Kicking banking in the ass

A banking app to help entrepreneurs grow


Against fierce competition in the Russian bank sector, we created an app to teach entrepreneurs good business habits. Zhuck’s provocative experience design made ‘doing nothing’ the hard option when facing common SME hurdles.

Innovating for the outsider

The name Zhuck means ‘beetle’ but also infers someone clever, entrepreneurial and driven – qualities that Else would embody in the app.

Using a savvy mix of education, motivation and handy features that embody partnership, like monitoring P&L and supplier activity, Zhuck proved not all financial services need formality.

In a world where it’s difficult to choose the right partner, Else is clear in its approach and a pleasure to work with. They challenge when it’s required and deliver when it’s time to do so.

Daljit Singh, Chief Design & Brand Officer / Co-Founder, Anna Money

Getting to know you

Over time Zhuck starts to understand customer behaviour and reports on the health of the business relationship in a provocative way i.e. “This is the third time that Ilya’s Printshop has paid you late – we’re not going to let them to get away with that are we?”

But Zhuck is far more powerful.

Over time it helps businesses manage their profit & loss, model forecasts, and budgets, and monitor partners and suppliers.

In the palm of their hand, business owners can see where they are, where they’ve been and where they are going. Zhuck picks them up when they let things get a bit slack, and it compliments when things are done in a timely way.


When 1,000+ Russian banks service SMEs and satisfaction levels are low, it’s time for a new approach. Zhuck was created specifically to cater to these disillusioned entrepreneurs, accountants, managers and investors who want closer control of their business – a better understanding of the day-to-day goings on – without getting caught up or slowed down by the bureaucratic Russian banking system.

ELSE's D&AD award for Branding/Digital Brand Expression for Bank 24’s ZhuckZhuck won the D&AD Award for Digital Brand Expression in 2015.

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