Recorded webinar

Executive briefing: AI and its coming impact on digital experience and innovation


We’ve spent a lot of this year working with executives on how to prepare for the coming impact of AI on digital innovation and experiences. You can watch a recording from one our recent briefing webinars below.

What to expect from this recorded webinar

We have distilled this insight into a must-attend exec briefing and Q&A. We have covered:

  • What big tech trends should you be preparing for, where are we with the AI hype and some interesting uses that are emerging in the ‘Technology Supercycle’
  • The customer implications we see in the convergence of these trends from the death of traditional search to big concerns around data, privacy and trust
  • Some practical examples on where to start and how to prioritise your ‘now and soon’ term strategies
  • Some of the mind blowing stuff that’s firmly in the future but good to have on your radar

Your hosts

Warren Hutchinson

Chief Experience Officer & Founder

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Harpreet Bushell

Chief Growth Officer & Partner

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Dave Dunlop

Chief Design Officer & Partner

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