Horizon 2: Relaunching LoRo into the modern digital age

From shout to entertain

Redesigning Loterie Romande’s eGaming platform

We worked closely with LoRo to deliver a new, modern and consistent design system for LoRo’s gaming platform (jeux.loro.ch) with mobile at its core. LoRo had clear objectives; more players, more registrations, and more repeat usage. 

Design Effectiveness Awards – GOLD

Our work on Loterie Romande won a DBA Design Effectiveness Award GOLD, recognising the impact the role of design has had on LoRo as an organisation.

Bringing LoRo to the modern digital age

Founded in 1937 with the objective of working for public good, Loterie Romande is the lottery provider for the 6 French-speaking Swiss Cantons. With values of respect, trust and loyalty, Loterie Romande (LoRo) is a well-known Swiss institution.

An estimated 63% of the French-speaking Swiss population are Loterie Romande players, but the online offer was outdated and inflexible so needed a large rethink. Working with Camelot Global Services we delivered a new platform that provided more opportunity to players and the business alike.

Mobile first

It’s a given and so is a short, snappy and easy-to-use UI. We created drama by focusing on the next key event with a very accessible simple navigational structure. This enabled any game across LoRo’s four pillars (Draw Based Games, Instant Wins, Sports Bet and Horse Racing) to be played within 2 clicks.

We identified four player types for whom we designed the platform; Ana – The Big Dreamer. David – The Offline Player. Julie – The Social Gamer and Lucas – The football fan. Each had their own distinct journey to create an uplift in engagement and repeat use, and along with it an uplift in LoRo’s key objectives.

The rhythm of the draw

LoRo’s eGaming offer spans across 4 main verticals: Draw Based Games, Sports Betting, Horse Race Betting and Instant Win Games. These verticals follow a weekly rhythm of draws and events. The new LoRo website will dance to this rhythm, shifting and reshaping itself, on certain key pages, to better showcase the offer.

LoRo was based on our 6 principles of lottery gameplay

I would recommend Else without any hesitation. The Else team is creative, full of new ideas and very talented.

Head of Digital Marketing & eCommerce at Loterie Romande

Lottery Play

Centre stage in the proposition is Loterie Romande’s draw based games. From landing screens that enable choice and seduction through to play screens that are fuss-free, the new experience handles players on any device.

Loterie Romande lottery play

Horse racing

Delivering the PMU suite of races across desktop and mobile was a challenge, the key to which is a visual and easy to navigate EPG style interface. Visually we found a way to capture races that felt very different to the norm and so finding LoRo a unique flavour on a popular part of the offer.

Loterie Romande horse race betting

Instant wins

With the new lottery platform comes the ability to deliver Instant Win Games at a much more rapid rate. This speed-to-market provides LoRo with a platform to test new ideas live and enabled us to create a simple App Store-style solution to browsing an ever growing catalogue.

Loterie Romande account area

Actionable account area

The account area allows players to manage their play, such as limits and their wallet as you’d expect. But it also allows them to see what upcoming bets and games they have and build a sense of anticipation in the run-up to the event.

Loterie romande account area

LoRo achieved impressive results following the redesign

250% Increase in registrations

2x Player volume

25% Growth in sales

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