Interaction design lead

Pedro Espírito Santo

Meet Pedro

Pedro is an Interaction Design Lead at ELSE. His role is to produce (and guide other to produce) pixel-perfect, high-quality designs and interactions that can communicate effortlessly with users.

Throughout his career, Pedro has designed many kinds of digital experiences, ranging from websites, to mobile and touchscreen applications, working with clients and companies like Virgin Atlantic, Nissan/Renault, Loterie Romande, O2 and Capital One.

Being a curious and creative individual, Pedro’s always felt the need to create something, whether it was playing with Lego, making music, brewing beer or building websites.

These days, when he’s not at work, you can find Pedro spending time with his kids, trying to catch up with sleep or, if he’s lucky, having a cheeky pint at the pub. More information on Pedro’s work, experience and recommendations can be found on LinkedIn.

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