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Your design system is a product

Here we explore why elevating the status of your design system might be the key to realising your product ambitions.

Designing our time

We’re often asked about how we organise ourselves and our work. Here we share our bold approach to developing as individuals, and as a team, while improving our effectiveness for clients.

How do we measure design?

To effectively measure the value of design work, we need frameworks that promote objective assessment, carefully balancing out the opinion of the most dominant person in the room.


A blueprint for creating stakeholder alignment

Discover the unifying power of the Experience Blueprint and how using it to explore your customer’s journey can unlock new service opportunities.

Design maturity: how to overcome those growing pains

Why understanding what design maturity is, and why it matters, can help businesses establish the right culture, capability and communication channels to better harness the power of design.

Getting the best from your distributed teams

This phase of forced remote working gives us all an opportunity to think about how we organise ourselves and our work so that we not only continue to produce great work, but it feels great to do. For a successful transition, here’s why a shift to goal based working is a must…

How can we nurture fragile things like ideas in a remote world?

Return to the office. Don’t return to the office. One thing is for certain: there isn’t a simple return to the way things were. Can the design industry figure out more effective ways of putting things back together?

Innovation after Covid

As Covid-19 continues to disrupt our daily lives, and our businesses, no one knows for certain which way the tide is going. Some however are well placed to make the most of unexpected opportunities…

An evolved client agency relationship

Elevating the practice of design is an area that remains challenging for businesses, and predominantly this is down to attracting the best talent. Read how we’re evolving the client agency relationship to one of flexibility and partnership…

The future value of design

Knowing the marketplace today is evolving faster than ever, and along with customer’s ever-shifting expectations, the pressure to innovate is greater than ever. Effective design can help your business discover future value.

Managing distributed design teams

At the time of writing, the UK and much of the world is one or two weeks into forced isolation and remote working. I wrote this article in response to a conversation I had at a BIMA Online Roundtable, where we discussed how the digital industry might need to respond to the COVID-19 outbreak.

ELSE drives O2 Priority

ELSE selected by O2 as the experience design consultancy to help drive product innovation and increase customer advocacy.

Since January 2020, ELSE has been working with O2 teams and partners to drive product and service design for O2 Priority, developing new and exciting ways to reward O2 customers with exclusive perks and experiences.



A culture of R&D

Being given time to explore, to learn, to expand our understanding of new areas, is a luxury. It’s a rather fragile cultural space that needs continual protection and cultivation.

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