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About us

Based in London, ELSE is a well-respected and multi-award-winning design consultancy that works with startups, scale-ups and large multi-nationals across six continents, on 300+ projects and with over 70 different clients.

We’re a lean team of experienced practitioners who are interested in the application of behavioural science through design to create positive changes in behaviour – whether that is getting someone to engage with their finances, think about their future health – we think big, we start small and we scale fast. We work onsite, in our studio or remotely.

We want you to know

You are in very good hands

Our experienced team has been working at the forefront of digital since the late 90s/early 00s. We have worked both client and agency-side, and we’ve held senior roles at some of the UK’s most respected design companies before coming together at ELSE. We also work with the UK’s leading design schools, so our junior talent is some of the best on offer.

We don’t just say it

We have proven effectiveness

Design effectiveness and creating future value for our clients is something we live – evidenced by long-term relationships, scores of referrals and several prestigious awards for impact. Our work connects business strategy, technology and experience and it creates a positive uplift in revenue, satisfaction and operations.

No agenda, just impact

Our independence is a huge strength

When it comes to significant projects, it’s an important choice when you pick a design company to partner with. We’re not backed by a network, we have no agenda and we know our impartiality is a huge plus – we’re in it with you and we too want to knock it out of the park. It’s how reputations are made.

We’re more we, than me

Design is a team sport

We’re as invested in your success as you are, we’ll help you build alignment to create class-leading experiences, and of course, this means real collaboration – but in working with us we’ll also help you raise the level and value of design within your organisation, helping you to improve processes, tools and overall practice.

There is a better way

We work a 4-day week

At ELSE we work a shorter week to make sure that our team has a meaningful work/life balance. It means that we’re better focussed, more purposeful and more productive in our work. You get 100% of our attention over four days, rather than 70% over five. It also allows us to attract the best talent to work on your projects.

Young guns go for it

We work with the best Universities

While a few of the team have definitely been around the block, we also have access to emerging design talent through our relationships with some of the UK’s leading design institutions. We advise on courses, deliver course and lectures and run formal internship programs. We have worked with Imperial College London, Brunel and Northumbria University as well as Cambridge University, Judge Business School.


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