What Will Future Cities Look Like?

13 June 2017

What Will Future Cities Look Like?

Guest post for Innovate UK

Ever wondered what cities of the future will actually look like? By the year 2050, over two thirds of the population will be living in urban environments. This will lead to a huge demand on services. Our infrastructures will have to cater for this rise in population. With technological advancements in artificial intelligence, Internet of Things and augmented reality, we’re likely to see an entirely different urban landscape. Here’s a little insight to what future cities will look like by the year 2050.

Autonomous, Connected Transport Networks

We’re already noticing how technology is allowing certain companies to disrupt the transport industry. From Uber with their seamless order process to Tesla with greener automotive alternatives. We’re also seeing plenty of investment and research into the development of autonomous vehicles.

So, what does this mean for future cities?

Driverless cars are likely to be the norm in 2050. Your journey will offer a chance to catch up on work or watch your favourite shows. You won’t have to deal with the hassle of finding a place to park either, the car will drop you at your destination and find a space on its own.

Where will this leave public transport?

Public transport will see the biggest changes. Set routes and timetabled services will be a thing of the past. Networks of connected, self-driving pods will make public transport completely efficient and seamless. Simply hire a pod via app and head to your destination. Any passengers heading in the same direction will be picked up en-route.

Payment will be intelligent too. You won’t have to buy a ticket. Simply hop on and off again at your destination. The pod will tell how far you’ve travelled and will automatically deduct the exact amount from your preferred account.

Smart and Sustainable Buildings

Public buildings will gather data about their occupants and visitors. This will be used to ensure they operate at optimum efficiency and also aid in continual improvements. This data will enable buildings to maintain an optimum temperature and ensure everyone remains safe.

Developments like solar panel windows will allow structures to be self-sufficient and sustainable in their use of energy. Any additional energy not used will be offered out to the surrounding vehicles or buildings.

The Future of Shopping

High street shopping will also be the target of innovation. When you enter a clothes store, you could easily see how certain outfits would look through the use of augmented reality mirrors. The store will already know your clothes size, fashion preferences and upcoming social calendar. Clever use of artificial intelligence will enable the store to make hyper-personalised and relevant recommendations for you.

More Time for You

Future predictions like this are always closely followed by a debate surrounding the potential loss of jobs. It certainly is a topic that needs addressing though we believe this won’t necessarily be the case. In fact, we predict service jobs will become far more personal and quality focussed. The introduction of automation will free up more time for you.

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