Meet Trixie

Trixie is Studio Manager at ELSE and looks after our front-of-house. Trixie’s time at ELSE is dedicated to ensuring everything runs like clockwork and everyone leaves fulfilled.

Trixie has a varied role consisting of everything from greeting clients and booking flights, to filling the studio with plants and hosting an annual makeshift awards ceremony!

As many of our teams work inside client’s businesses and some remote, Trixie has the task of ensuring that the ELSE culture remains as rich as it would if we were all in the same room together.

An organised individual, Trixie works hard to make sure that ELSE runs smoothly, whether that’s working with suppliers or getting people set-up to work in the best way.

In the summer months Trixie organises the ELSE retreat, a 2 day excursion that takes the whole team away to a mystery destination in Europe. The event is a mixture of team activities as well as an opportunity to share progress on R&D projects. Last year we went to Annecy in the French Alps and before that, Madrid. 

Trixie also has a part to play in the resourcing and wellbeing of the ELSE team — making sure that everyone knows what their doing on a daily basis and that people are getting the most from training and learning partners.