Experience Strategist

David Jolly

Meet David

Experience Strategist

David is an experience strategist at ELSe and works to create areas of opportunity for our clients across strategic design projects. He’s a regular contributor to ELSE knowledge sharing and has valuable experience in client services before pursuing a strategy role.


David’s training, via Brunel University, is as an Industrial Design Technologist. As a star student he had a ‘dad taxi’ light picked up and stocked by Mark’s and Spencer, one of the UK’s premier retailers. 

As an experience design strategist David is engaged most typically in the empathise and define stage of Else’s design thinking approach. His focus is on rapidly synthesising all the information pertinent to a client’s problem. David looks wider than just direct competition and brings issues to do with legislation, politics, customer behaviour and culture to distill into insights to be implemented by the team. 

He has particular sector expertise in Financial Services, having spent a year spent on the UBS Smart Wealth project team, public sector, health and careers. His international portfolio includes a stint based in Singapore with his public sector client.

David is generous with his time and knowledge and is the most regular contributor to the Else internal knowledge share.

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