Else to create Future Cities Concepts

22 March 2017

Else to create Future Cities Concepts

Future Cities Catapult appoints Else for digital innovation in the Future of Planning

Future Cities Catapult has commissioned ELSE to prototype a set of ideas to transform the planning system. This is the first time Future Cities Catapult has employed UX design & prototyping practices to explore how design, data and digital tools can rethink how planning is conducted both in the U.K. and globally.

“The Future Cities agenda is fascinating and we are looking forward to helping Catapult realise some exciting concepts that bring innovation into the planning process. The open nature of Catapult’s approach fits really well with our ethos of Design Thinking,”

says Dave Dunlop — Creative Partner, Else

Future Cities Catapult is a technology and innovation centre, set up by Government
to advance innovation, grow UK companies and make cities better.  It has embarked on an ambitious programme to explore how design, data and digital can tweak and transform that way in which cities are planned and evolved.  The Future of Planning programme has identified a number challenges that are common for planners, housing developers and citizens, which Future Cities Catapult and else are seeking to address through this project.

This project feeds into a wider ‘Future of Planning’ programme which aims to demystify the planning process as well as explore which elements of the process can be enhanced through data, design and digital tools.

Stefan Webb, Head of Projects, Future Cities Catapult said of the appointment:

“we are very impressed by Else’s approach and look forward to working with them to bring design thinking expertise to the work we are doing”

Else will work closely with Future Cities Catapult to deliver definitions for their primary audiences. A set of key journeys will then be created as a number of tangible prototypes to be further tested and validated.

16 December 2018 / 11:14 PM
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