Trixie Hart – Office Manager

Over the years I’ve primarily worked in Customer Services, Personal Assistance and Administration. The places I’ve worked in the lead-up to ELSE have generally been very popular and busy organisations, whereby I’ve needed to spin many plates at once whilst keeping a consistently calm and happy demeanor. I think one of the most valuable skills I learnt during my 14 years in these roles is how to look after and interact with people from a vast range of ages and walks of life, and across varying forms of communication (face-to-face, telephone and email).

Customer service work is hard. It’s relentless and it can be very draining both physically and mentally; especially, I found, over the telephone (I much preferred face-to-face). By the time I applied for my role at ELSE I was keen to move away from the customer service industry, and I will forever be grateful to ELSE for the opportunity they gave me.

Can you share with us any of your failures? And what you learned from them?

Hmmmmn, not so much a failure, I suppose, but I find presenting nerve-racking. Therefore on the few occasions I’ve needed to; I haven’t presented in a way that I believe is to the best of my ability. I joined a breathing class in an attempt to gain more control over my nerves but they’re yet to be fully tamed, sadly!

What does success look like to you?

My number one goal in life is to be happy, and a huge desire of mine is to own my own home; a sanctuary I can make and call my own. So for me, success would be to be happy, healthy… and to have a nice house 😊

Why did you want to work at ELSE?

When moving away from Customer Service work, I knew Studio Management was the role I wanted. I was particularly keen to work for some form of design studio as there’d always been a creative side to me that hadn’t yet been (properly) explored or utilised, and the psychological aspect of the design work ELSE does also piqued my interest…

When I read the job spec it was exactly what I was looking for – it wasn’t rigid and corporate-like, it had personality, and it matched perfectly with my natural skills, interests, and abilities. Then when I went for the interview, it was just right. I was blown away by the building and studio space, I was offered a drink from the beer fridge when I arrived, Warren and Dave were so nice and friendly, and the interview was very relaxed. I left feeling on top of the world – I really, really wanted this job!

What have you discovered about ELSE and about yourself while being here?

ELSE has taught me what a positive working environment should look like. One thing I absolutely love about working here is how forward-thinking and progressive it is. No workplace is ever going to be perfect, there’s always going to be some difficult days/weeks – that’s life – but I really like how Warren and Dave put family and health first, they encourage people to take their breaks, they don’t want people burning themselves out. They also really push people’s learning and see that as an investment and understand why it’s so important. There are some toxic workplaces around with very outdated attitudes towards employees, and that’s something I feel very strongly about and would now always look out for should I ever move on from ELSE.

On a personal level, because of how busy people’s schedules are it can sometimes be hard to get the answers I need to complete my tasks, so I’ve learnt when to take the initiative – give a timeframe I need an answer within and lay out what I’m going to do if I don’t hear back by then. I’ve also grown in confidence within my career, my capabilities, and understanding the value I add.

What goals do you have for the next few weeks? Months? Years?

We have three new employees joining soon, so my goal for the next few weeks is to onboard them and help them settle in. We’re currently in the process of reviewing and revamping our onboarding process, so I look forward to helping transform this over the coming months.

We’re planning to re-open the studio next week so furthermore, the next few weeks and months will be dedicated to making sure the studio is fit for use, collating feedback from the team and then tweaking the studio space / hybrid working model as necessary. I’ll also very much be in Christmas party planning mode!

Longer-term, the cogs are in motion to develop my PM assistance. Moving into Project Management and Operations is my longer-term career goal.

Do you have a passion or interest you want to tell us about?

My passions and interests are pretty much what everyone sees in the studio – being an office-mum, making sure people are OK and have everything they need, planning fun socials and events, and surrounding myself with good food, drinks, and people! I’m also bordering on obsessed with my little nieces and nephew and I’m very visually stimulated: beautiful spaces, good lighting, nice views, and interior design in general – are all my vibe!

What do you offer clients that’s a bit different?

Within my job role I’m not usually too involved with clients. I mainly welcome clients and look after them during studio visits, however for the past 18 months this hasn’t been possible. When we are in the office, I think what I offer is that I’m very down-to-earth and authentic. I treat people the same no matter where I am, and I like to think that comes across.

If you wrote a novel, what would it be about?

Possibly not the answer desired (whoops) but I’ve had many people tell me over the years that I should write an autobiography – mainly about my eventful family life, my silly escapades and bizarre (/tragic) dating stories. Failing that, it would have to be a selection of children’s Christmas novels! That would be fun.

What’s your personal brand?

My personal brand is being authentically myself. It’s knowing that what you see is what you get. It’s for other people to know that, in turn, they’re also safe to be themselves around me and can tell me anything without fear of being judged. Further to this, I would say my personal brand is being the organiser, the party planner, the social butterfly, a good friend who is loyal and reliable.

How would you like to be remembered?

Kind. Honest. Open. And fun to be around. Someone who makes your life feel better.


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