ELSE receives honourable mention at the 2020 Design Intelligence Awards

Sway – a service designed to make climate change tangible – is shortlisted as a DI Awards finalist

Experience design consultancy ELSE is acknowledged as a DI Awards finalist, and receives an honourable mention for Sway – a service designed to help people form new habits that reduce their demand on the world. Now in its 5th year, the 2020 Design Intelligence Awards identify ‘the world’s wonderful products and designs, as well as the individual designers and the studios producing the most outstanding work’. Organised by China Academy of Art, the awards attracted a record number of entries this year from all over the world, with 7,000 entries for the ‘Concept’ category which ELSE was recognised in.

The product of ELSE R&D time, Sway is designed to help make climate change tangible for the individual. When much of the world’s activity is focused on lobbying and infrastructural changes, there’s little that helps people take personal action. The issue, for many, can feel too big to comprehend. Sway is ELSE’s solution aimed at helping people take steps to make a longer-lasting difference.

Encouraging individual action

The objective behind Sway is to help people take action and show how that action, when repeated will lead to a long-lasting impact. It’s a facilitator of personal improvement towards a collective end-goal — a more sustainable way of living. Dave Dunlop, Chief Creative Officer at ELSE, said,

“We wanted to respond to a challenge of our time by coming up with something that could really challenge the notion of‘convenience is king’. The Sway R&D team have found new and novel ways to help people create new habits that reduce our demand on the Earth, no matter what their starting point. We have big ambitions for Sway and we look forward to continue  developing it out in the coming months…

About the DIAs

With its reach now spanning 56 countries, the DIA evaluation criteria comprise 3 elements: 1)The Principles of Design, 2)the Direction of Design, and 3) the Impact of Design. The international judging panel include directors of design companies and institutions, professors of design universities and design specialists.


Over the past 2 years, ELSE’s R&D initiative has created the space for everyone at ELSE to explore emerging technologies and experiential trends, ensuring they develop capability before clients and future clients need it. Through working a 4-day week, every second Friday is dedicated to ELSE R&D time, and Sway is one of the team projects to emerge as a result.

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