Will design studios embrace the 4-day work week?

Design Week feature

Warren Hutchinson shares ELSE’s 4-day journey with Design Week

A four-day week can lead to afternoon epiphanies and an improved life-work balance, though there are complexities for designers considering the transition.

Hear hear. We couldn’t agree more with the opening of Design Week‘s recent article on working a four-day work week. ELSE’s founder, Warren Hutchinson, joins other Design Leaders who have led 4-day week initiatives at their respective businesses.

Delighted to be featured in this converation about what a 4-day week might mean to a Designer. Since 2018, ELSE has been experimenting to find a 4-day week model that works for us and we’ve learned heaps along the way.

Read on to find out more about our experience, the hurdles, how it’s working for us now, and enjoy perspectives from other like-minded design leaders.

Will design studios embrace the four-day work week?

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