ELSE scores 9/10 for expertise and understanding client businesses.

Record client satisfaction rating for experience design consultancy.

Getting under the skin of our clients’ business and delivering value through experience design expertise underpins ELSE culture and is part of our day-to-day. To hear that these are aspects our clients value most highly from us, through the results of our latest client survey, was affirmation ELSE’s approach and principles are doing their job.

Compared with industry norms, ELSE’s client satisfaction results came out far higher* with over 90% scoring us 8/10 or more. (7.2/10 is commonly cited as the average satisfaction rating across the design industry.) Clients surveyed indicated they valued their experience of working with ELSE along with our expertise and commitment to understanding their business. 

If you’re interested in hearing more about ELSE’s unique approach to experience design, drop us a line – we’d love to hear from you

* Source: The Client Relationships Consultancy “Digital UK Norm: 7.24, Digital UK RR Norm: 60%, Consultancy UK Norm: 7.71, Consultancy UK RR Norm: 60%”. The Client Relationships Consultancy is responsible for managing ELSE’s bi-annual client surveys.