Our Work With X-Lab

How to make testing faster, simpler and more reliable

The need for fast, reliable sample testing has never been higher. And, through their core product Labgnostic, which is marketed as the National Pathology Exchange (NPEx) in the UK, X-Lab is leading the way by enabling labs to exchange test requests and reports electronically.

During a five-week Product Primer for X-Lab, ELSE prototyped key user journeys that make the process of setting up, handling and dispatching test samples between diagnostic laboratories simpler and more efficient. To support these journeys, a new design system was established to expedite the roll-out of a new visual language across the whole product.

ELSE were asked by X-Lab to look in-depth at more ways to improve this vital service and we’re proud to have played our part in improving patient care. ELSE continued to support the X-Lab scrum teams with new feature enhancements for three months, before transitioning the design work to their internal design team.

The ELSE Product Primer is designed specifically to bring product visions to life quickly. Using our design capability, we prototype user journeys in order to drive momentum and bring about rapid change. 

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In the current situation – where all health services are stretched to their limits – we wanted to deliver a streamlined experience that removed any friction in the routine tasks that lab practitioners undertake every day. Our aim was to make their workflows easier and have the platform serve them, rather than the other way around.

Andry Ratovodrahona, Design Principal


Designing for investment

For early-stage innovation projects, our Product Primer™ brings your idea to life by partnering our design capability with your product vision. Together we create a prototype user journey along with investor pitch deck to create momentum, foster buy-in and invite investment.

Allow 5 weeks

Product Primer™