ELSE drives Priority product and service innovation

ELSE has been selected by O2 as the experience design consultancy to help drive product innovation and increase customer advocacy.

Since January 2020, ELSE has been working with O2 teams and partners to drive product and service design for O2 Priority, developing new and exciting ways to reward O2 customers with exclusive perks and experiences.

ELSE will help to drive the agenda for the product over the next 18-months in collaboration with music, sports and other key sponsorships.

Warren Hutchinson, ELSE’s Founder and Chief Experience Officer, explains more about the partnership, “We are delighted to be helping O2 Priority build on its strong brand and 5-star rated service. There is a multitude of exciting opportunities to explore – not least delivering even more personal, ownable experiences to O2 customers.”

Maya Murrell, Head of Priority and Rewards O2 said:

“We’re very excited to be working with ELSE as we continue to focus on the user experience and visual design on the Priority app. Priority is at the heart of our brand and is enjoyed by the millions of O2 customers every year and we look forward to collaborating together.”