ELSE and DBA’s 10th twenty/twenty mentoring programme

For another year running ELSE’s creative partner, Dave Dunlop, will join the DBA’s panel of mentors. Also joining as a mentor is ELSE founder and chief experience officer, Warren Hutchinson, who in earlier years enjoyed being a mentee of the very same programme. Since its launch in 2011, the DBA’s mentoring programme has seen over 350 participants join from more than 200 DBA member businesses. ELSE is delighted to support this year’s programme which pairs rising industry leaders with established design pioneers for a 12-month one-to-one mentoring relationship.

Designed specifically for individuals who want to take their thinking around business issues to the next level, with the ultimate aim of helping them define their goals and grow their business, DBA Twenty/Twenty inspires a new wave of leaders to make better-informed decisions about their businesses, their people and themselves.

For more on the DBA’s twenty/twenty programme, visit the DBA website.