Else clients are ‘very satisfied’

16 May 2017

Else clients are ‘very satisfied’

The results are just in from our first ever client satisfaction survey. We are thrilled that our clients rated us 8.1 out of 10 with our people, expertise, creativity and innovation all highly praised.

A massive thanks to all who participated, we are very fortunate to have wonderful clients.

At Else, one of our key metrics is healthy client relationships and better business planning, by building capabilities that we know our clients want. The first step to any programme is ask the customer (right?!), so to that end we commissioned the Client Relationship Survey to give us a Referral Rating. The rating is derived from a single question asked of our clients – ‘On a scale of 1 to 10, how likely is it you would recommend Else to a friend or colleague?

  • 30% scored us 7
  • 23% scored us 8
  • 19% scored us 9
  • 19% scored us 10

The CRC works with all major agency groups and have a comprehensive database on performance across different types of agencies & client sectors. We scored well above the norm for UK consultancies in the categories of:

  • Entertainment & The Media-Music, Entertainment & The Media-Attractions
  • Travel & Tourism-Hotels
  • Finance-Banking, Finance-Investments, Finance-Financial Services
  • Insurance, Insurance & Investment
  • Healthcare-Service
  • Leisure-Gaming
  • Automotive-Automotive Services
  • Energy
  • Travel & Transport-Aviation

The next survey is due to start in June and we’re looking to improve the score. To that end we are rolling out tweaks to our commercial and process models, so watch this space!

Liza Wöstmann, Head of Client Services

26 April 2018 / 1:52 AM
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